Meet Your Coach

New in 2016: Teams of five or more will receive their own athlete coach to help inspire and guide them through the Over the Edge experience. Our athlete coaches are part of the Special Olympics Global Messenger program. Coaches will motivate and encourage their team members to reach their fundraising goals and to feel cherished for their efforts.

We'll start the season with a Meet the Coach event August 31, during which coaches and team members can mingle and participate in team-building activities. Athlete coaches will continue to challenge their teammates to work harder each week in order to reach and surpass the teams’ fundraising goals.

The Over the Edge Team Experience is an amazing opportunity for athlete coaches and participants to work towards a common goal. The extreme nature of Over the Edge requires passion and determination that is built on teamwork. The collaboration between athlete coaches and team members will have a lasting impact on every team member. 

We promise, you'll feel like you've scored before your feet even hit the ground. 

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